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Edivo Winery is located at the heart of the ancient Adriatic trading routes, at the crossroad between historic East and West, Dubrovnik is famous for its stunning beauty powered by its great natural and cultural heritage. No wonder the Pearl of Adriatic, or King’s landing if you prefer “Game Of Thrones” vocabulary, is on the bucket lists of the spirits in search of beauty

Important details about the production process are:

-Wine is perfectly stored

-laid on its cork

-natural cooling in ideal thermal conditions (stable temperature of the ocean 15 degrees during the whole year)

-Improved quality

-Kept for one year in barrels

-bottled and placed in terracotta amphora

-sunk under the sea to the depth of 20 meters for 2 years

– the Underwater Cellar is monitored by our Diving team every 14 days

Every amphora is a “hand made” product as it has to pass 14 days procedure of handling and cleaning once it’s taken out from the water.

Corals, seashells and algae become part of  the packaging design.

Therefore, every amphora or every bottle becomes a unique sculptural masterpiece – A perfect souvenir with the signature of the Adriatic Sea.

A touch of the sea gives a specific mark to each bottle, making them unique and part of the Adriatic you can take home with you.

Besides excellent wines, we also provide a unique experience: visiting our underwater wine cellar which is located at Drače, on the peninsula of Pelješac.

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