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Owner of Krauthaker Winery Vlado Krauthaker prides himself in his environmentally friendly traditional practices of vine growing which have produced consistent quality and harmony with nature our desire to return to techniques used more than 100 years ago to the vineyards and the cellar have been a constant source of pleasant surprises and validate our winegrowing practice following environmentally friendly principles including using horses for cultivating the land to be very rewarding.

Kutjevo region on the southern slopes of Krndija provides excellent environmental conditions for vine growing, Pozega Valley and Popuk Hills are recognised as winegrowing land, the oldest wine cellar in Croatia was found here dated back to the 13th Century when the Cistercians arrived in this area, Ancient Romans also inhabited Pozega Valley they called it the “Golden Valley ” (Vallis Aurea )

Krauthaker vineyards are found 45.3 North, the same geographic line that extends westwards through the most famous winegrowing regions of the world, Istra, Piedmont, Val Du Rhone, Bordeaux and Oregon Wine is a truly wonderous product there are a multitude of details and nuances effecting the final result that is to be shaped by vine growers and winemakers the element that is beyond any influences of vine growing is nature.

“World in a glass” magazine selected Vlado Krauthaker as the best winemaker in Croatia in 2002, 2006 and in 2009 Vlado Krauthaker was declared “Croatian Wine Night ” Krauthaker wines are presented at exhibitions around the world as well as Croatia regularly and their quality has ben confirmed by the numerous awards and medals received.

Gold award 2002 Welshriesling Grasevina and 2006
Gold medal Chardonnay Mitrovac 2002
Gold medal Chardonnay Rosenberg 2004
Silver medal Sauvignon 2005

Under watchful eyes, subtle palate and expert knowledge of our technicians, wine is fermented depending on variety in stainless steel or oak barrels. Red wines are fermented using a classic method submersion of grape skins in vats some of the wines are also matured in barrique barrels made in locally grown Slavonian pedunculate oak. Wine maturing philosophy applied in our cellar builds upon the philosophy of environmentally friendly vine growing.

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