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Franc Arman Winery – Teran Barrique


Produced from only the finest grapes based on controlled cluster selectivity methods.

This wine is aged for twelve months in oak “barrique“ barrels. It has a characteristic ruby-red colour and a noble, wild berry aroma tinged with vanilla.

The taste is full-bodied, robust and dry. A quintessential dry red wine from Istria made from indigenous grapes.

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Serve at a temperature between 15-18 degrees Celsius.

Pair With

Ideal for partnering with grilled meats and game, prosciutto, cheese and truffle dishes.

1 review for Franc Arman Winery – Teran Barrique

  1. Jenn Lorman

    A wonderful full-bodied red that paired really well with a meat and cheese board and grilled lamb. Let it breathe for good half hour and it was sensational. Will be buying again!

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