Mini Spirits Intro Pack


Introducing our new Mini Spirits Intro Pack for all those who would like to experience our Croatian range.

This mini introduction pack to our spirits range will include from Degenija and Old Pilots Gin globally known as “Made in Heaven “ for all gin lovers this is a must to try experience.

Degenija spirits are made from herbs that grow on the Velebit mountain. Degenija have been producing for many decades and shared with many people who have enjoyed the experience from strong organic enriched herb flavours.

In this pack you will receive:

  • Old Pilots 200ml Gin award winning London Dry Gin
  • Travarica herbal 100ml bottles
  • Medica Honey 100ml bottles
  • Pelinkovac 100ml bottles
  • Cherry brandy 100ml bottles
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Out of stock

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