Plavac Mali 750ml


Plavač Mali is the most significant among the autochthonous grape sorts in Croatia, resulting from interbreeding two other autochthonous Croatian grapes: crljenka and Dobričić. The wine is a dark ruby colour with a dark blue reflection. It has a well-developed scent with a vigorous and sharp tasting with a specific bouquet. The smell of Plavač is recognised as a combination of sweet notes, dry or even baked fruit with mild aromas of cherries, vanilla and coffee with a hint of Dalmatian grass.

Vintage: 2019


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Consume now, store at 18 degrees centigrade

Pair With

Seafood such as fish and crabs, as well as red meat and game.

Tasting Notes

Sweet Notes

Cherry, Vanilla and Coffee

Deep Ruby Red Colour

Specific and Sharp Taste


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