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Primus Plavac mali was the first wine made by our winery, which is why we gave it the name Primus. It is made from our most famous local red variety, Plavac mali.

It has been proven that this variety is the successor of the variety Tribidrag, which is better known around the world as Zinfandel or Primitivo. Plavac mali yields the best results on the steep south-facing slopes of Dalmatia, such as our locations in the winegrowing area of Komarna. The winegrowing area of Komarna distinguishes itself with its organic vineyards, which are also home to our Plavac mali, as well as with a terroir that gives exceptional acidity and freshness to our wines, thus bestowing upon them great aging potential.

Our Primus is picked by hand at our finest locations and undergoes a strict selection process, as it is our aim to fully demonstrate all the richness and character of the variety Plavac with this wine, together with our modern approach.13.5%Alc

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Best stored and served at 16 -18 ° C

Pair With

This wine has the structure to pair itself with most red meat as well as strong hard cheeses


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