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TRS winery was founded by Bosnjak and Faletar in 2003 harvesting their first grapes in 2006, located in Fruska Gora, Ilok Srijem in one of the oldest winemaking regions in Croatia and using one of the oldest cellars to mature their wines.

Ilok has a thousand year old vine cultivation and wine making tradition, wine cellars from the 15th and 18th centuries are still used in this far most Eastern region of Croatia.

Ilok, Principovac, Fruska Gora situated overlooking the Danube River has the ideal conditions and location to produce some of the best wines from the indigenous varieties of Traminac , Grasevina, Frankovka, Traminac was ordered by the English Court for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II from Ilok and still today is sent to England for the Queens birthday and special events it’s also known for being the best quality Traminac in Europe from this region.

TRS Winery consistently produces quality premium wines using traditional and modern methods with environmentally friendly practices always in mind to preserve this area for now and future wine making.