Dingac Elegance Premium Skaramuca 750ml


Skaramuca Dingac Elegance comes from the Dingac region of Peljesac Peninsular, 100% Plavac Mali is the grape, manually handpicked on steep 45 degree south facing vineyards overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Altitude level range between sea level and 1,000 meters with a Mediterranean climate and extreme conditions ideal for organic farming.

Dingac is ruby red in colour , it features very strong tannin structure however these tannins are well nurtured and with no sharpness to them. On the Nose fruity  aromas are of mixed red and dark berry fruit but very much enriched by signature aromas of sun dried figs , prunes , raisins, tabacco leaf and carob, there is plenty of spicy secondary aromas which are well , integrated and never take centre stage. They are after all the most notable varietal characteristic of Plavac Mali .Skaramuca Dingac with long finish , rich aromas, good acidity, this wine is well worth your time.

vintage 2017

Alcohol 15%

Serves well with red meats , game meats , blue vein cheeses,  dark chocolate and much more



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